What is EasyWebinar?

EasyWebinar is a combination of a WordPress plugin and full software suite that makes creating live events easy.

What kind of events can I do with Easywebinar?

You can do both LIVE and Automated Events with EasyWebinar. It’s a complete webinar suite. EasyWebinar creates the registration page, thank you page, the email follow-up, Social sharing, Event page and the event replay & follow-up.

Can I make my events private?

You can do both private and public events. We integrate not only with Google Hangouts but also YouTube live allowing for private events that are not found anywhere else online except on your EasyWebinar event page.

What kind of video hosting do I need?

Actually, you don’t need any video hosting! Since you’re using YouTube/Google Hangouts, your events will be recorded automatically (which you can then use for your automated events).

However, for power users, EasyWebinar integrates directly with Amazon S3 for video hosting of high-quality .mp4 videos (if you didn’t want to use the YouTube/Google Hangout videos).

How does EasyWebinar work with my autoresponder?

You have the option to use our built-in email notification system and / or use an autoresponder such as Aweber, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Constant Contact and others.

So, when you add someone to a webinar, they can be seamlessly added to your email list too!

How does your notification system work?

You have the option to send out emails once someone registers, before the event and after the event. You can customize them as you like.

The best part is if you’re running an automated webinar in multiple time zones, our built-in notification system will keep track of everything. We also optionally integrate with sendgrid for better deliverability.

Do I need to install any software on my computer?

No, there’s no need to install software on your computer. You will have to install a WordPress plugin on your domain (which is super easy to do). This lets you host your events on your very own domain for a seamless, professional look.

Does EasyWebinar work on a smartphone or tablet?

Yes, your attendees can view your events on a smartphone or tablet. Our templates are mobile responsive.

Widget is Inactive. 

This issue occurs if the Widget is not activated from the Installed plugin section. 

Videos are not working. 

There can be couple of reasons why youtube videos are not working: 

  1. Links provided by you are Short-links. (For example : http://y2u.be/j4dMnAPZu70) 
  2. Videos are not Public. 
  3. Videos are not Approved by youtube. 
  4. Format of video is not valid 

Error message: Curl is not activated. 

Curl on your server is not activated. Please talk to your hosting company and get CURL activated on your server and use the plugin. 

How to change the Design, images etc for the plugin's templates. 

You can make changes to design by going to the following location on your hosting server. 

ROOTFOLDER/wp-content/plugins/webinar_plugin/templates/TEMPLATE NAME/COLORNAME 

Warning: Only try to change the HTML/CSS if you have knowladge about HTML/CSS, and do not change any functionality related stuff. Otherwise Plugin will stop functioning. 

Unable to install Plugin. 

(Error Message: Do you really want to do this) While installing the plugin.

As per our research this not an issue with our Plugin. This is a very genral issue that a lot of Plugins are facing. Now There can be couple of reasons for this problem as follows: 

  1. Issue with the server where website is hosted. 
  2. Confilct with other installed Plugins. 
  3. Issue with version of WP that is installed. 

o overcome this issue, we suggest you to manually place the un-zipped version of your plugin on following location on your server and enjoy the plugin. Detailed solution for this problem is in the attached PDF, Please have a look at it: 

Download PDF (will apply link when pdf is ready)

Error message: Change Premission for FILE/FOLDER to 755 in order to activate the plugin. 

This error message means that Premissions to access the file/folder is not setup to 755 (Write premissions) on your server i.e. Plugin can not read/write to the particular file/folder. This is required inorder to make the plugin working. So please check the attached document to find out the solution for this error message and do the needful. 

Download PDF (will apply link when pdf is ready)