First off not all servers are the same and therefore may cause conflicts with your plugin.. What you need for optimal success is a hosting plan that gives you cpanel access to have control over some settings but not all providers grant full access unless you have a vps or dedicated server. One thing is certain is that if you have a managed or optimized wordpress solution it will come with uncontrollable setting that the provider will not lift for us to get the plugin to work. Your plugin needs to have a direct line of communication to easywebinar servers at all times.

Secondly, everyone's wordpress will be different as it suit our business needs. Various or too many plugins will conflict, ones that have been noted are caching andsecurity or malware plugins as well as any that manipulate javascript. Even complex themes like genesis or Ithemes can do it too. You need security and speed with caching and you want it pleasant looking with your complex them.

So we suggest that you create a sub domain and name it what you wish but for this example I will call it events so the url structure will now be Get wordpress installed onto it and delete any tag along plugin from the plugin folder. No themes added as we select the templates when creating an event inside easywebinar. Got to General settings and select your timezone to sync to you and save then set permailnks to postname. Install easywebinar plugin add the domain ( but you add yours) into easywebinar at after domain is added then copy the activation code/key and come back to your wordpress and activate the plugin and the widget then click on easywebinar and add in the key/code you are all set to go. 

Now There you have a Nice clean barebones wordpress installation for your events platform.

If you need help with this at all or are unable to install a sub domain or install a wordpress or if you are on a non wordpress hosting.. We have options for you that may include hosting your plugin/platform for you.. If this is you please submit a ticket..