Hey all! Some of you have been asking to see EW 5 demo. Here is a quick demo showing some of the new features of EW5!

Plus there was a request to see some of the differences between our existing version and the new version! Here ya go! :)

Our new version EW5 mouth watering add on's include:

We Host Everything! (We will host all your webinar pages in the cloud)
Our deeper Live Integration With YouTube Live (Fast streaming)
Real Time Chat and Offers Delivered
Evergreen and Date Based Replay Pages
Super refined Wordpress Integration (So not only can you use our Saas but feel free to host the webinars on your own sites!)
Hosted Built in Notification System
More Mobile Responsive Templates
Localized Templates (Edit the custom template in your own language)
Autoresponder API's for major email providers.
More CRM advanced integrations (Soon to have Drip)
Ontraport deep tagging and automation for both live and automated webinars (Segmenting and campaign followup) (Now we are going beyond just infusionsoft.)


Want to check out some of the existing EasyWebinar features that our more than 6800 customers have grown to love?

Unlimited live and automated webinars to an unlimited audience
Automated Webinars can stream pre-recorded YouTube videos, Amazon S3 videos, Vimeo videos in Real Time . (Creates RTMP video files for amazon s3 videos through our built in video uploader.)
Our Dynamic Registration Widget Iframe that can go on any site anywhere. (will go from one time events to recurring automated events dynamically. Including a thank you page redirect option to track conversions! Use on Leadpages, Clickfunnels, Optimize Press, Instabuilder or any other page builder software. (Or have several people host your one webinar on their sites)
Our Advanced Scheduling For live, re-broadcasts, replays and automated webinars that can easily go from one to the other. From one time events to recurring events. (Stream automated webinars that your world wide audience can watch)
Our advanced analytics and tracking to know every stage of your registrant. From registering, to showing up to how much they watch, if they showed up in the first place...as well as any buttons they clicked or questions asked.
Our link options for running on the fly live events or instant replays. (Want to get it set up fast? Choose this option)
Our Responsive Templates that are editable in various languages. 40% of events are viewed on smart phones...so having a responsive template is crucial. Compatible for all smart phones and tablets.
Our Built in email notification and autoresponder integration. So that you can add people to your own AR lists as well as do a follow up sequence that can be set in your attendees timezone.
Our Timed CTA Offers, Questions, and Scarcity Options for making your events more engaged and of course for making sales.
Our Chat box integration (Several options) so that you can create whatever kind of experience for any type of event. Both live and/or automated! From Facebook, Twitter, Any Third Party Chat or Question box.
Our Social Share Incentive on the Thank you page. About 40% or more of those who see this page, share news which can bring in a potential 15 % of more of viral traffic into your events.
Our 'same site webinar cloning' and 'cross website cloning' which can save you a ton of time on your event creation by simply cloning an already existing webinar that you already created!
Our Simple Third party pixel and conversion tracking integration so that you can set and track your Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google analytics, or other advertising to automate your business giving you more leads, more time and a focus on the business and not so much IN The business.
Our One click registration URL to use in your own auto responder to get instant clicks from name and email variables automatically sent through. (Perfect for getting WAY more sign ups to your events through just a one click option!) (Works for both one time events and recurring automated events...(Please note: The person is automatically registered for the next available time for automated webinar event)
Our Skype and Phone field for SMS text and Voice follow up.
Our Facebook Sign Up (use Facebook one click registration buttons without requiring registrant to add their name and email (works for both one time events and recurring events...in your timezone or your attendees timezone)
More Integration:

Advanced Infusionsoft tagging on all steps of the registrant as well as if they click on action buttons or see offers.
Sendgrid integration to host the emails that are set up with EasyWebinar & your WP site.
Wishlist membership software (adding people to a membership site upon registering for an event) (Get the onboarding going increases fewer refunds and cancelations using webinars)
All autoresponders -Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, Ontraport, Get Response, and More...